That’s Interesting and Uplifting 11.06.2020

As we all try to adapt, cope, be safe and do our part to control and overcome the Covid-19 pandemic, it is important to find ways to stay motivated and positive. That is why, over the last few weeks, That’s Interesting has been focusing on initiatives and ideas that are uplifting and inspiring in these challenging times.

So, from edgy urban flip flops to plastic-free PPE, here are some things that made us say “That’s interesting, and uplifting!” in the studio this week.

Urban flip flop.

Havaianas – arguably the flip flop par excellence – revisits its roots and takes an urban twist through a collaboration with fashion label mastermind JAPAN. Back in 1962, Havaianas created the iconic Traditional flip flop by drawing inspiration from the Japanese Zori sandal and switching its rice straw soles to a resistant rubber material more suited to Brazil’s climate and beaches. Today, the brand has released a new silhouette – the Tradi Zori – designed specifically for urban life and featuring a square base, rubber material and fabric strap. There is a neat circularity to the story of this new sandal, as well as a great degree of timeliness, as many consumers are opting for a more relaxed, comfort-driven style during lockdown.

Sandals and the city here

Portable massage.

Working from home has a lot of advantages to it – but it can also pose challenges to our comfort and wellbeing when we don’t have the space and equipment to make it as ergonomic as our office set-up. The neck and shoulders are especially susceptible to stress and inflammation as a result of bad posture, and although painkillers and stretches can help, they are not always enough. The COSE multifunctional neck massager combines six different technologies – from Electrical Muscle Stimulation to infrared therapy – to relieve pain and stiffness and encourage the body to release natural endorphins. It is designed to deliver comfort and convenience in style, inspired by the worlds of consumer electronics and modern medical technology to strike the balance between futuristic and familiar.

Massage from home here

Too hot to handset.

Better battery life, enhanced camera functionality, higher processing power – these are some of the features we’ve become accustomed to seeing in new mobile phone releases. But the latest model by Huawei – the Honor Play4 Pro – demonstrates what it means to keep up with real-time consumer needs. The device features an infrared temperature sensor within its rear-facing camera block. Holding the phone up to someone’s forehead makes it possible to check for a fever, one of the symptoms of Coronavirus. It is certainly another step towards making our relationship and dependence on smartphones even more significant – but also one that is strongly rooted in convenience and can easily be applied to non-pandemic scenarios (e.g. for parents to use on-the-go).

Feel the heat here 

Plastic-free PPE.

One of the many negative effects of the pandemic on our behaviour is that we have become even more reliant on single-use plastics for hygiene and protection. For example, according to Bloomberg, two major companies that make polystyrene products, Ineos Styrolution and Trinseo, have seen “double-digit percentage sales increases in the food packaging and health-care industries” through February, March, and April. Non-profit group A Plastic Planet has partnered with Reelbrands and Transcend Packaging to challenge this with a viable, equally effective but more sustainable alternative: their plastic-free protective visors are made from an FSC food-grade paper and a certified home compostable PEFC wood pulp cellulose, making them both recyclable and compostable.

Protect people and planet here


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