That’s Interesting and Uplifting 20.08.2020

As we all try to adapt, cope, be safe and do our part to control and overcome the Covid-19 pandemic, it is important to find ways to stay motivated and positive. That is why, over the last few weeks, That’s Interesting has been focusing on news, initiatives and ideas that are uplifting and inspiring in these challenging times.

So, from sustainable beer packaging to solutions for a better night’s sleep, here are some things that made us say “That’s interesting, and uplifting!” in the studio this week.

Heineken launches ‘Green Grip’.

Heineken are launching a new six-pack ring innovation called ‘Green Grip’, a cardboard topper that does away with plastic. According to the brand, the removal of shrink-wrap and rings will reduce plastic waste by 517 tonnes every year, the equivalent of 94,000,000 plastic bags. The new topper will be used across Heineken, Foster’s and Kronenburg 1664.  Heineken claim that by 2021, they will be rid of all plastic rings. Michael Gillane, marketing director of Heineken UK, said “This is a game-changer,” “For so long, the plastic pack rings on cans of beer and cider have been rightly scrutinized. We have been working on a solution for several years – one that is durable, totally recyclable, and completely plastic-free. Importantly, this is an innovation that can be used at scale on hundreds of millions of cans every year.”

Get to grips with it here

‘Restflix’ and chill.

We all crave a good night’s sleep in our busy and hectic lifestyles, and it’s often the perfect antidote to  stress and anxiety, especially through COVID-19. Well, now we can all hope to feel as fresh as a daisy after a good night’s kip, thanks to ‘Restflix’, a subscription streaming service that provides access to more than 20 channels of content, all of which are focused on relaxation after a long and stressful day. The content ranges from music, soothing stories, meditation, and even dark screen videos, specifically aimed at the reduction of stress and anxiety. The service is supported by Android, iOS, Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire.

Learn to relax here

Crayola create face masks.

Handicraft giant Crayola has created the ‘School Mask Pack’ through a spin-off site for creative kids. Crayola are selling packs of five reusable, colour coded face masks for kids, parents and teachers, one for each school day of the week. The concept has been developed in response to parents concerns around hygiene and sanitation as their kids return back to school after months of home schooling, and probably a lot of boredom. The brightly coloured, playful masks are also a celebration of friendship as the kids enjoy being reunited with their friends. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to US charitable fund #KidsHelpingKids, those most affected by the pandemic.

Order yours here 

Supreme surprises again.

New York streetwear label Supreme has teamed up with cosmetics artist Pat McGrath to create a lipstick streetwear cosmetic collaboration. A first for Supreme, the limited edition lipstick ‘MatteTrance’ will boast a bold and luxurious finish. According to McGrath, buyers can expect “an iconic red, embodied in the ultimate matte lipstick,” a shade developed exclusively for Supreme. Packaged in Supreme’s classic bold red, the striking lipstick incorporates elements of McGrath’s sleek gold packaging. As always with Supreme collaborations, expect this one to sell out quickly when dropped. The release date is yet to be announced, but you can sign up via the Supreme website to get first dibs.

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