That’s Interesting and Uplifting 27.05.20

As we all try to adapt, cope, be safe and do our part to control and overcome the Covid-19 pandemic, it is important to find ways to stay motivated and positive. That is why, over the last few weeks, That’s Interesting has been focusing on initiatives and ideas that are uplifting and inspiring in these challenging times.

So, from tea brewing alarm clocks to face masks grown by bacteria, here are some things that made us say “That’s interesting, and uplifting!” in the studio this week.

Bedside brew.

Morning. Alarm clock. Coffee. Or tea. And so the day begins. But the transition is not always that smooth, and it can sometimes be a challenge to keep to a wake up routine that energises you for the day ahead. Four years ago, Joy Resolve set out to change this by creating the original Barisieur, a coffee brewing alarm clock that merged the two functions into a beautiful, desirable object. A new model has now been released – the Immersion Edition – which makes it possible to make tea instead of coffee, and also features an accessory for wireless phone charging. From aesthetics to functionality, the Barisieur shows how a product’s design can evolve to fit seamlessly into our modern lifestyles, with a warm, chic, simple aesthetic around which to build rewarding daily rituals.

Wake up to a brew you here

Chunky Dunky.

Ice-cream giant Ben & Jerry’s and Nike’s skateboarding line, SB, have collaborated to launch a colourful new limited edition trainer, the Chunky Dunky. The design features a flavour-full, vibrant colour palette, a nod to B&J’s iconic cow print and a bright yellow Nike swoosh that drips melting ice-cream. To round off the experience, each pair comes in a giant carton inspired by B&J’s pint-sized ice-cream buckets. The result is a joyful sneaker that delights and perfectly encapsulates the energy and spirit of the two brands combined.

Scoop it up here

Paper drift.

Like the rest of the sporting world, car racing has also been put on hold by the pandemic. To keep fans engaged and excited, Toyota has partnered with stop-motion star Jon Brewer and legendary motorsport builder Stephan Papadakis to create a thrilling paper car race. In the video, we see Brewer alone in his workshop, crafting tiny cars out of paper and glue, and then bringing them to life as they zoom, skid and drift from frame to frame. The paper models are available for free download, and the brand hopes that the campaign will inspire fans of all ages to get creative and share their own version of the #PaperDrift online.

Rev your engine here 

Biodesign to the rescue.

Garrett Benisch and Elizabeth Bridges of Sum Studio have created a prototype for a microbial cellulose face mask, a tight knit single membrane that can be grown by users at home. The ingredients required include water, tea, sugar, and a small bacterial sample of xylinum acetobacter, which can be found in unflavoured kombucha. Called the Xylinum Mask, the idea opens up exciting new avenues for a radically different approach and more sustainable solution to the N95 face mask shortage, one that is effective, biodegradable and light on resource usage. Once tested, refined and pushed beyond prototype stage, the designers hope it can become an effective replacement for single-use, petroleum-based masks.

Good bacteria here



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