That’s Interesting Christmas Special

From Banksy’s new Christmas display to presents you actually want, here are some festive things that made us say ‘That’s Interesting’ in the studio this week.

Sleigh Bells ring

When you think of Christmas Cheer, I don’t think many people automatically think of Banksy. However, this year his new art piece is standing out like mistletoe in a sea of thorns. His new project features two reindeer flying in the sky next to a park bench, where homeless people are often spotted sleeping. The project has been designed to highlight the country’s homeless crisis, in a way that only Banksy could do.

Paint it here

Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree

It’s easy to get swept up in commercialism and end up buying some old tat just because it’s on sale. However, for those looking to bring some meaning – and the extra special – back into Christmas, this online auction of one-off decorations may be it. The auction is put together by a collection from 50 different designers with each item being truly unique. Some are beautiful, some are tongue in cheek – each of them special and full of Christmas cheer.

Hang it here

All I want for Christmas is Whisky. 

Whisky legends Bells have come up with a brilliant new festive design, with a tongue in cheek take on the difficulties of buying men Christmas presents. On the bottle is states ‘A gift you will actually want’, while surrounded by sketches of classic (much less exciting) Christmas presents such as socks and slippers. Not only is it funny, but the bottle is beautifully designed too.

Drink it here

Naughty and nice

While a big portion of advertising is now digital, printed ads are still big business. However, as we all try to print and use less, people can often be left feeling frustrated with the wastage. Beauty brand Love Beauty and Planet have come up with an ingenious idea to advertise whilst also encouraging recycling. Their ad found in the New York Times is beautifully designed so that it can also be used as Christmas wrapping paper. Cheers to that.

Wrap it here


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