That’s Interesting; The best of 2019

From Football you can touch, Beer for Orcas, to Airbnb’s Monalisa sleepover and AI Art, here are some things that made us say “That’s Interesting” in the studio this year.

Fieeld Demonstration

Have you ever considered what it might be like to have a passion for football, having never watched it? This is the case for the millions of blind football fans around the word. Santander have teamed up with Havas Spain and have developed a touch-based sports transmission device called ‘Fieeld’, which allows blind people to feel the movements of the ball and trajectories of plays with their fingertips.  Users can follow the match play by play while listening to the live commentary, creating a more immersive experience that is ‘closer to reality’. The goal of the product is to make the football community more inclusive, their ethos being simple: There’s only one way to experience football; with your heart.

Feel it here

Whale of a time

As the population of British Columbian southern resident killer whales slowly continues to decline, Vancouver Island Brewing, along with local island breweries decided to take action. They’ve created a special promotional pack of beers, called the ‘Pod Pack’. Designed with orca inspiration, the proceeds are going towards the Pacific Salmon Foundation – helping to provide a vital food source for these incredible whales.

Drink here

Let’s get critical

Carlsberg takes constructive criticism to the next level in its latest campaign. Inspired by the mean tweets segment of Jimmy Kimmel’s show, the brand has created a series of outdoor ads and videos where Carlsberg staff read some of the more brutally honest comments on the beer. The result is both refreshing and witty, and a great way to launch the new, improved recipe.    

Toast to honesty here


The inclusive touch

After offering an adaptive clothing line for kids with disabilities, Target has now launched a sensory-friendly children’s home collection. The retailer has designed the products to make its range even more inclusive, particularly for children with autism, featuring weighted blankets against anxiety and a hideaway tent for some quiet alone time.

Play in peace here

Art-ificial intelligence

We’ve always known that computers are smart – but creative? Maybe so. Parisian trio ‘Obvious’ have created the first AI-made Art pieces to go to auction. Inspired by historical works, the computers have been coded to create imagined portraits. They’re slightly blurred, eery, but also fascinating. While some dispute the pieces, Obvious are determined to prove that this new style of work will disrupt the art world, citing that ‘Creativity isn’t just for humans’.

See them here

Everybody is special

You are special just like everybody else. The question is – are you as special as you think you are? The NEMO Science Museum is showing a new exhibition about the human race, focusing on what makes us similar and unique to each other. Using pop art videos and GIFs, they will be exploring our uniqueness in visually dynamic and creative ways.

Discover yourself here

A day without Whopper 

It might seem strange for a company to promote it’s own competitor – but this seemingly foolish move was actually a very smart – and kind manoeuvre. For one day in late September, Burger King not only stopped selling their iconic Big Whopper, but they actively encouraged customers to instead get their burgers at their main competitors – McDonalds. Why? because for that day, McDonalds were giving all of their proceeds to a children’s cancer charity in Argentina. Not only was this an exceptionally kind gesture, its incredibly smart marketing too.

Eat kindly here

Sleepover chez Mona Lisa

To celebrate its pyramid’s thirtieth anniversary, the Louvre has partnered with Airbnb to offer an unforgettable experience to two lucky winners. The guests will enjoy an exclusive VIP tour (normally reserved for celebrities and heads of state), toast to the Mona Lisa, dine with the Venus of Milo, jam in Napoleon’s apartments and have the sweetest of dreams under the Louvre’s iconic glass pyramid.

Pyjamas and masterpieces here

That’s Interesting has a special place in our hearts. keep an eye our for more coming in 2020!


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