The Science of Sensation: The Future

In the future, brands will incorporate ‘flavour- hacking’ design decisions in their products. They will leverage science to enhance – and even perfect – their consumers’ taste experience. As The Science of Sensation gives them the tools to understand flavour better, they will use them to tailor perfect tastes, and approach flavour as a space for optimisation.

The Betsy beer is an example of how brands will aspire to reach such absolute perfection. The beer, which is only available on London to Hong Kong flights, is specifically designed to off set the loss of taste sensation at altitude: its sweet and earthy taste profile has been carefully chosen to answer the accentuated bitterness and sense-numbing of the in- flight environment.

As The Science of Sensation develops and is used by mainstream brands, our understanding of a food’s flavour profile will change radically. Soon, it will be widely understood as an experience created from all senses. This will have huge implications for brands, who will start approaching flavour as a holistic experience, that incorporates packaging, format, material, smell and more. How could your brand leverage The Science of Sensation to build an everyday experience that transforms the way consumers interact with your product?

This completes The Science of Sensation, a special blog series from Path exploring how designers and innovative brands are developing new ways to enhance or influence their products’ flavour experience with ‘taste-hacking’ design decisions coming from the field of sensorial science.

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