Path’s Next Map: The Future of Mental Health

The time has come for the next issue of our popular Map series.

Exclusively available to brand directors, marketing leaders and entrepreneurs, Map is a strategically-driven, future trends report that delves deep into a current topic of cultural importance. Its provocative, highly visual content delivers inspiration as well as actionable insights to help brands grow and drive innovation.  

The focus of our next Map will be the future of mental health. Launching later this month, the report titled, “Your Mind Matters,” will explore the following thorny issues around this highly-charged topic:

  • How are brands helping to raise awareness and successfully destigmatize the topic of mental health?
  • How are brands supporting us to make new lifestyle choices that are more conducive to better mental health?
  • How are brands using science and technology to hack our state of mind and enhance our cognitive flexibility?

Current subscribers will receive their copy of “Your Mind Matters: The Future of Mental Health” upon launch later this year. If you’d like to be part of this well-read group, please subscribe here.

To request past issues of Map, including The Future of Sex or Taste Revolution, please visit our website here.


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