What are ‘Mindful Drinkers’ really looking for?

When you think of Mindful Drinking, you probably think simply swapping your weekend bevvy in exchange for a Matcha Tea is enough; however, the concept is much more than that. It’s not just about reducing alcohol intake, it’s about considering how you can shift your lifestyle to gain benefits from what you drink. Whether it’s holistic teas, herbal botanic wines or even drinks that relieve anxiety and stress. Mindful drinking is about taking the potential power of liquids to the next level and considering what consumers bodies – and minds – truly want. It seems that more and more consumers are taking a more ‘conscious, intentional’ approach to drinking and their health, seeking out alternatives for when they’re not in the mood for booze.

Going No-Lo

Drinking culture still dominates a big part of the way most of us socialise. Almost all adult social spaces serve alcohol, making those hoping to cut down or quit potentially feel out of place. Whether they are on a health kick, doing Stoptober, moderating drinking habits, pregnant or trying, or maybe just a bit sober curious, consumers stepping away from drinking can be left feeling isolated. Bars and clubs still sell minimal alternatives bar fizzy drinks and juices, which lack variety and interest. However, new No-Lo alternatives  are booming, offering adult friendly options which are stylish, tasty and can even come with additional health benefits.

It’s getting Hot

Britain has been drinking tea for generations, and coffee culture is now on par. With this undeniable passion for hot beverages, it’s only natural that there will be a demand for the healthiest, most beneficial alternatives. Tea has come a long way from just the builders’ brew we all know and love – whether it’s root Tea’s that are made to help with mood swings, or biodynamic coffee to help balance digestion and gut health and maintaining energy levels. Consumers are looking for more than just style and taste within this category – they want their caffeine fixed with additional life-boosting properties.

Time to chill.

CBD has had a confused reputation for years, but it looks like it may finally be here to stay. While its medicine value is well known, it is only recently becoming more mainstream. It’s becoming increasing popular within Mindful Drinking culture, aiding to rid the drinker of social anxiety and help them relax in social environments, without the toxins and harder hitting effects of alcohol.  CBD is now becoming available in soft drinks, sparkling waters and even hot beverage options.

Healthy … alcohol?

Not everyone is ready – or wants – to give up the booze. It’s important to remember that most consumers want healthier alternatives to their favourite things – the best of both worlds. Some brands have already sussed this, offering beers with isotonic benefits, botanic spirits and herbal wines.

As consumer choices change, it’s important for brands to keep up. Drinking culture is shifting – and while many of us still love a Friday night booze-up, easily accessible alternatives are in demand. Consumers looking to step into mindful drinking are not just looking for alcohol alternatives, they’re seeking products that will benefit and boost them on an individual level. Having choice and options  has never been more important to consumers, and more mindful options are high in demand.


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